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London’s Best Knee Surgeon

Dr. Kash Akhtar is an accomplished Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at Barts Health NHS Trust and Cleveland Clinic London, applying expertise and innovation to knee care and sports injuries.


Driven by a deep-seated commitment to making a substantial positive impact, Dr. Akhtar devotes himself to nurturing the wellbeing of his patients and fostering the professional growth of upcoming medical practitioners.


Beyond the operating room, he engages in a multitude of roles – as an educator shaping future medical professionals, a podcaster disseminating valuable medical insights, and an entrepreneur pioneering digital healthcare solutions.

Knee Surgeon

Leading Specialist for Knee & Sports Related Injuries

Dr. Akhtar’s approach, deeply rooted in respect and compassion, enables him to provide patient-centred care, avoiding surgery where possible, creating a positive and lasting impact on his patients’ lives.


Shaping the Future of Orthopaedic Medicine Through Education

Kash Akhtar’s roles as a Associate Professor and as Training Programme Director goes beyond imparting knowledge; it’s about inspiring the next generation of medical professionals.


Advancing Orthopaedic Healthcare Through Innovative Solutions

Kash’s commitment to education and dedication to making a positive difference in Orthopaedic care, extends to his HealthTech startups Orthohub (and more coming soon, watch this space!).


Entertaining Conversations to Inspire and Educate

Through their award-winning podcast ‘Orthohub: See One Do One’, Kash and his co-host Pete Bates connect with a global audience, sharing insights, experiences, and the latest developments in orthopaedics.

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