Pioneering Advanced Knee Care and Sports Injury Solutions

Kash Akhtar leverages his extensive expertise in orthopaedics to drive forward digital solutions that transform healthcare and education.

As the co-founder of Orthohub, Kash exemplifies a visionary approach to overcoming traditional educational barriers, embodying a mission to democratise access to medical knowledge. His work signifies a pivotal shift towards a more interconnected and accessible healthcare ecosystem.

Transforming healthcare through technology

Holistic Healthcare

Kash’s initiatives unite cutting-edge technology with compassionate care, emphasising holistic healthcare solutions.

Educational Empowerment

He champions the empowerment of healthcare professionals through innovative educational platforms, making expertise more accessible.

Innovative Thinking

Specialist in sports-related knee injuries, providing athletes and active individuals with expert care tailored to their unique goals.

Global Impact

With a vision that transcends borders, Kash’s work has a global impact, reaching healthcare professionals and patients worldwide.

Breaking Barriers

Kash is dedicated to breaking down the barriers between healthcare disciplines, fostering an integrated approach to medical education.

Community Collaboration

Kash fosters a collaborative community, encouraging the sharing of knowledge and experiences to enhance patient care globally.

Prioritising Your Health with Every Decision

Dr. Kash Akhtar’s approach is grounded in the belief that surgery should be the last resort. By focusing on conservative, non-operative treatments, he aims to preserve the natural structure of the knee for as long as possible, turning to surgery only when necessary. This patient-first philosophy ensures that care plans are tailored to individual needs, promoting knee health through the least invasive means available.

Recovery Supported by Expert Collaboration

Understanding the importance of comprehensive care, Dr. Kash Akhtar works closely with a network of reputable physiotherapists. This collaboration ensures patients receive holistic support, from diagnosis through recovery, fostering an environment that promotes optimal healing and rehabilitation.

Leading with Innovation in Knee Surgery

In cases where surgery is necessary, Dr. Kash Akhtar employs minimally invasive keyhole techniques, specialising in procedures that offer reduced recovery times and minimise patient discomfort. His expertise in sports-related knee surgeries is particularly beneficial for athletes and active individuals, helping them return to their passions with confidence.

Making a positive difference in the lives of patients